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Creative Strategy | Social Nodes & PR

Sonic Branding | Web 3 Shepherds 

​Elf Juice is a creative studio specializing in cross pollination, product imagineering, sonic branding, and strategic partnerships. We are industry leaders in web 3 activations, helping clients navigate new cultural and business landscapes by generating unique experiences and connections.


Do you have an amazing idea? We have the entire pipeline of partners and makers for you. As a culture and tech driven consultancy, we partner with the best blockchain developers to help generate full-scale ideation, builds and deployment of mobile and immersive experiences. We act as creative consultants in overlapping web3 industries, bringing ideas to life, connecting the dots and adding new value to pre-existing infrastructure through sonic brand logos and creative direction. We have a vast and diverse network of brands, creatives, investors and partner entities — acting like glue in the liminal spaces of art and tech for web3. We pride ourselves on cross-pollination, venture matchmaking and the celebration of visionary diversity. The mission is to build meaningful connections between people, ideas and resources in order to create value for the digital world involved.

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