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Elf Services

Happy Partners & Clients

Cross Pollination & Partnerships

You're not alone in this complex world of emerging technologies and cultural trends. We help you find your way through it all by connecting you to the right resources and partners to reify your vision! 

Sonic Branding


Your brand is your Identity. Music and sound are integral parts of how you communicate that identity to the world. They can make or break an emotional connection with your customers. We create original, engaging, and memorable sonic identities for web3 brands, Dapps, NFT digital products, and any blockchain-related events.


Imagineering & Creative Strategy 


Creating next-gen experiences and deliverables for the world moving into Web 4 means constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our team of forward-thinking imagineers believe in utilizing the latest technologies and resources to create unique and engaging experiences for future-thinking brands. From bootstrapped marketing campaigns to full-scale product launches, we do it all!


Build & Launch an Idea


We help companies take advantage of the opportunities presented in the worlds of Web3 and 4 by guiding them through the process of understanding and implementing these new technologies. 


Social Nodes & PR


You make the party, we'll bring the people! Our network spans myriad worlds — we love weaving communities together for meaningful experiences  and new kinds of connections. 


Bugatti Divo

Macy Gray

Planned Parenthood


Casper Punks


NFT Oasis

The Royal Danish Ballet

ARTE France

Venice Family Clinic Art Walk


Capser Labs

Caper Punks

Portal X

Tomaso Albertini

Pylons (Cosmos IBC)



Chanel Gibbons

Mobilee Records

Stanford Robotics


Senda Bonnet

Mother Ground Shanghai

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